Bella Kotak Challenge: 3 | Composite

Last week’s creative challenge theme was COMPOSITION.
With this challenge we wanted to see how you used Photoshop to bring your visions to life! That includes everything from expanding shots, adding elements into a shot, changing backgrounds, and so on!

Bella Kotak Challenge: 2 | Made At Home

Last week’s theme was MADE AT HOME.
With this challenge we wanted you to share your artistic endeavours in order to inspire, motivate, and just get us reaching for the glue gun!

Well, you did it! Here are some of our favourite submissions from the group!

Bella Kotak Challenge: 1 | Floral

In April, while many of us are on lockdown at home, we decided to start weekly challenges in our Facebook groups! Fairytales and Fantasy; The Color Lab Collective.

Last Monday we invited our community to submit their spring/ floral images, both new and old. The goal is to inspire, motivate, and connect with each other!

Photographer Spotlight: Alana Lee

Alana Lee - Before color toning

Action used: Desert Sand & Regal Our latest spotlight is photographer Alana Lee! We first came across Alana’s work in our Color Lab Facebook group. We were already big fans of her work however once we learnt more about Alana and her story we were compelled to shine a light on this woman who pushes forward […]

Photographer Spotlight: Regina Wamba

Regina Wamba is a photographer who is a person I think everyone should know. From her fantasy work to her book covers, she has a beautiful balance to what she produces. Regina is a member of our community and a personal friend of ours as well. We were curious to see what her views on color were, finding her “voice” with color, inspiration, and how she uses some of our actions! We’re always curious on how other artists see the world. 

Photographer Spotlight: Jonny Edward

Photographer Spotlight Jonny Edward - The Color Lab

Jonny’s is someone who you will never forget once you know about him. Not only is his work awesome, but you can tell his passion from seeing his work! He always showcases some of our actions in a great way and we wanted to see what color means to him by asking him about it and how he uses some of our actions in his work.

Photographer Spotlight: Siegart von Schlichting

Siegart von Schlichting After Azurite & Aquamarine Action - The Color Lab

Today we sit down with my friend Siegart von Schlichting! Her fantasy work is beautiful and the way she crafts colors inspires us. With what she posts in our Facebook group regularly, we were intrigued to find out what color means to her and how she uses actions in the process.