Creative Challenge: Water

Our latest creative challenge was with the theme WATER. The creativity of this community continues to blow me away every week!

Color Challenge: Green

For our final challenge in this month of color challenges we are going to focus on the color of nature, life, and opulence.

Color Challenge: Yellow

Here are our featured submissions from last week’s creative color change! We focused on the color YELLOW! A color that is bright, warm, friendly and is associated with creativity which you will see in the images below!

Color Challenge: Blue

For our second creative challenge during this month exploring color we are going to focus on the color of the sea and sky, Blue! Here are your submissions!

Color Challenge: Red

Our challenge for week 5 was RED and the submissions were fire!

Red is a color that is very emotionally intense. It’s connected to blood, rage, love, romance, danger, anger, desire, and so on.
For this blog post we are showcasing the pictures that you loved the most in the community group!

Bella Kotak Challenge: 4 | Portraits

Our challenge for week 4 was PORTRAITS and my goodness, you all delivered! The submissions to this challenge were incredible and varied!

For this blog post we are showcasing the pictures that you loved the most in the community group!

From model to self portrait photographer!

Today I want to introduce my friend Yinsey whom I’ve had the pleasure of shooting and working with in the past. A creative soul, Yinsey spends her days working as a lawyer and any time out side of work she’s cooking up and executing creative ideas!

Bella Kotak Challenge: 3 | Composite

Last week’s creative challenge theme was COMPOSITION.
With this challenge we wanted to see how you used Photoshop to bring your visions to life! That includes everything from expanding shots, adding elements into a shot, changing backgrounds, and so on!

Bella Kotak Challenge: 2 | Made At Home

Last week’s theme was MADE AT HOME.
With this challenge we wanted you to share your artistic endeavours in order to inspire, motivate, and just get us reaching for the glue gun!

Well, you did it! Here are some of our favourite submissions from the group!

Bella Kotak Challenge: 1 | Floral

In April, while many of us are on lockdown at home, we decided to start weekly challenges in our Facebook groups! Fairytales and Fantasy; The Color Lab Collective.

Last Monday we invited our community to submit their spring/ floral images, both new and old. The goal is to inspire, motivate, and connect with each other!