Enchanted Diversity in Fantasy Photography

The Enchanted Diversity creative challenge is here, in light of the Black Fae Day and Enchanted Asian Day movements. Here are some of the community favourites from the Fairytales & Fantasy with Bella Kotak FB group!

Fantasy Photography Self Portraits Challenge!

fantasy photography self portrait collage

Our Creative Challenges are BACK! To kickstart the new monthly challenges we wanted to get to know our Fairytale and Fantasy community a bit better. Since we have lots of new creatives who’ve joined us since we last ran the challenges, what better than to introduce ourselves to each other with fantasy photography self portraits!

Photographers Create Beautiful Autumn Mood Photos

This week we wanted to get into the autumn mood and see all of your magical images that celebrate this beautiful vibrant season!

Scroll through for forests, witches, antlers, elves, berries and pumpkins galore!

Stunning Fantasy Photographs Captured In One Shot!

For this week’s creative challenge, we wanted to see your One Shot wonders! We asked you to share your images where you were able to capture your creativity in camera! All these images only have color toning and retouching but no composition work done in post process.

Creative photoshoots in beautiful locations!

castle, germany, fantasy photography

This week’s photography challenge takes us on a magic carpet ride around the globe, showing us a whole new world!

Forget your compass and get lost amongst the castles of Germany and Poland, forests of Belgium and Scotland, ancient churches and waterfalls of Italy, temples of Japan, and the eerie black sand beaches of Iceland…

50 Incredible Before/After Photoshop Transformations

before, after, fantasy, fairytale, storytelling

50 Incredible Before/After Photoshop Transformations. This week’s creative challenge theme is BEFORE / AFTER.

This gallery really shows what a difference color toning and compositing elements can make to an image!

Creative Challenge: From A Story Book

fantasy, fairy tell, storytelling photography

This week’s creative challenge theme is From A Story Book.

Fantasy and fairytales are all about storytelling, and we are all often inspired by tales from our childhood or myths and legends.

Characters, concepts, and colors all play a part in our creative journeys, so we were excited to see how story books have inspired your own work!

Creative Challenge: Animal Kingdom

This week’s challenge is ANIMAL KINGDOM!

Scroll through our community gallery of zoological wonders, including owls, horses, foxes, wolves, bears, deer, rabbits and more! If you look carefully, you might even see some rarer creatures such as elephants, tortoises, snails, snakes and tarantulas!

Creative Challenge: Surrealism

This week’s challenge was based on the theme of SURREALISM.

I like to think of it as creating and expressing yourself without the boundaries of reality.

Creative Challenge: Self Portrait

This week I challenged you to share yourself with us! I figured this challenge would be a great way for our community to connect and see the faces behind all the beautiful art that you share 💖